4th Grade Social Studies- Regions of the United States

Job Descriptions

Group Leader: If you are the group leader it is your responsibility to keep the group in line during the group activities. This means that if there is a problem with a team member not pulling their weight, or if they are not being a team player, you will need to address them and solve the problem. If you can not handle the situation on your own, please talk to the teacher. The group leader also addresses any questions the team has to the teacher. They designate what part of each research section goes to which team member. This position may be tough, but it is the most important position for the team to be successful.
Remember: You are not the boss, you should not be bossy or rude to other team members.

Secondary Leader: If you are the secondary group leader it is your responsibility to work closely with the group leader for the duration of the project. You will help with the leadership position the group leader has. This means that if the group leader is absent, you will take charge. It also means that if any of your other members are absent, it is your responsibility to catch them up on what they missed in group that day.

If you are the reporter it is your responsibility to send anything that is due to the teacher. You are to record all quiz grades in your log book. You should report the status of the project to the teacher every Friday. If the group is falling behind please consult your group leader, if they are not doing their job properly, please report to the teacher. The reporter has the big duty of turning in the final project to the teacher.

Time Manager:  If you are the time manager you have the important job of keeping your team on task as to when assignments are due, as well as being sure the group knows how long they have until their timed session on the computers are done. You will keep track in a log how long each day your team is working on your project.

Secretary: If you are the secretary you have the important job of keeping notes on everything that is being done each day. You will write out who is researching, who took their quizzes, who didn't stay on task, who did stay o
n task, etc. All notes will be processed by the teacher to determine what grades each student will get.